I cannot imagine a better teacher. Gabriela keeps classes engaging and interesting through diverse topics, masterful teaching, and her own charisma. She often shares her screen as we go over PowerPoint presentations with different themes building off of previously learned skills. We analyze letters, poems, songs, and short videos from different Spanish-speaking nations and she is always quick to bring to the fore the importance of cultural differences, especially as it relates to language. She is very flexible and always ready to adapt to my needs. For example, when I mentioned that I needed more review of a particular topic she was ready to do so and when I wanted to learn more about how to tell stories or anecdotes she accommodated that. If all teachers were like Gabriela, then there truly would be no students left behind or clueless.


World Traveler

Gabriela does an amazing job preparing lessons that are fun, interactive, and very helpful. She also spends a lot of time before the lesson providing you materials, flashcards, and games that she has prepared so that time in the lesson is maximized. She also always tells you to reach out to her at any time if you have a question. And, as I can assure you, she is extremely patient! I can’t recommend her enough. Gracias Gabriela!



Una maestra de alta calidad con muchas habilidades de organizar lecciones adaptadas individualmente. Cinco estrellas!!

Lo mejor maestra en mi experiencia.

Eric M.

Author and Clinical Professor in NY

Gabriela is an Amazing teacher. She really cares about her students and their success. She had given me so many great lessons and shared valuable tools with me. Her patience and sense of humor makes for the most productive and enjoyable learning atmosphere. I am not easy to teach because I am often hesitant and stubborn and she has helped me in these areas immensely by providing a SAFE place for mistakes and growth. I highly recommend her.


Accountant and Biblical Group Leader

It was everything I thought it would be and more, I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching and this was borne out by the fact that the time seemed to fly in. We learned vowels and their sounds in Spanish as opposed to the English sound and how these vowels are expressed in words. We then moved onto consonants and again their sound in Spanish as compared to the English. After this it was onto the numbers and again we practiced their pronunciation and spelling. Gabriela is very patient and gives plenty of praise and feedback throughout the session. She is very clear in her speech and therefore no-one should have any trouble understanding her wonderful English spoken word. You also get homework to do, which keeps you honest in your learning in between classes. Really looking forward to learning Spanish with Gabriela.


Fantastic lesson. Fantastic teacher. Learning much more than I imagined possible.


Gabriela is excellent for me–patient, well-organized, and considerate.


Retired Lawyer (Senior Student)

I cannot recommend Gabriela highly enough. She makes the lessons fun, relevant and enjoyable. The visual aids that she uses and supplies after every lesson are really helpful and she makes a point of reviewing what you have learned so you are remembering the vocabulary that you have learned. If you have been frustrated whilst trying to learn another language – I honestly think Gabriela will be able to help you.


This was my first lesson with Gabriela. It was obvious from the beginning that she is a skilled and seasoned language teacher. For the full hour she constantly challenged me but never left me behind. She’s given me some great materials to look at and go over. Her error correction is excellent – she gives me just enough time to self-correct without letting the lesson fall into a rut. Aside from the normal first lesson introduction-type exchanges, we did a great script-writing type activity that managed to be both hilariously entertaining and tremendously useful for expressing emotions in Spanish. Overall i was pretty impressed with this lesson and I plan to continue studying with Gabriela.


I’ve completed a ten session package of lessons with Gabriela and have learned a great deal due to her patient and challenging teaching methods. She is extremely good at explaining difficult concepts. She is always very well prepared with her lessons. I plan to continue with our lessons toward my goal of becoming a fluent Spanish speaker.


(Senior Student)

Gabriela has the traits of  an excellent teacher. She’s patient, professional and diligent in her quest to teach you her native language. Simply put, a top notch teacher who will help you reach your Spanish speaking goals.


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